Making People Accept Collect Calls - by Jolly Spamhead & Ghost~Face~Killer 
Hey, ever wanna harass a person long distance and don't want to pay for it?
Well, collect call them... What, they won't accept your call? Oh well, they're
gonna have to from now on with this new 313370 trick.

Requirements to do this- First you need Three Way, because you need a friend
on the other line to do this trick and have it work right. With both of you
on the fone, one of you must click over and dial OCI (1-800-288-2880) as men-
tioned in previous PLA philez, Then click back over so you, your friend, and
OCI are all on the same line. Your friend just stays quiet for now. Give them
the run around like so...

    Oci, This is Monica how may I help you?
  Hi, i'd like to make a person to person collect call.
 Yes, can I have the number on the phone your dialing from?
  Uh...yeah 206-265-7932
 Ok, can I have the number your dialing to?
  Sure it's 860-568-1814 (or the # of the person your harassing)
 Whats your name sir?
  My name is Fisher Priceman.
 Ok, whats the name of the person your trying to reach?
  Uh Justin Daigle. (or any random name)
 Ok please hold and thank you for using OCI

As soon as the lamuh picks up have your friend pop in and say I accept the
call. Like so...

   Hello?     <-- (Your Friend)
 Hello this is the OCI operator I Ha...
   Yeah yeah, Whatever I accept.
 Thank you for using OCI. (Click)
 -Confused- Uh Hello?

And there you have it, The Lamuh does'nt have time to Know whats going until
the operator is already gone and the call is already put through. Then it's up
to you what happens next, Have Phun. Hope you enjoy this, me and dave got this
to work 100% so far!